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Rayan Omer

Associate Attorney

Sacramento Office

tel: 916-978-5860

fax: 844 910 1850

email: romer@sullivanattorneys.com

Ms. Omer, Associate Attorney, represents self-insured employers, insurance carriers, and public entities in all aspects of workers’ compensation, managing cases from inception to resolution. She appears before WCABs throughout Northern California.

Rayan brings international experience to the firm, having earned her attorney chops in her home country of Sudan, where her family is established in the legal community — Rayan is a member of the Sudanese Bar Association. After moving from Khartoum to Northern California, Rayan enrolled in Berkeley Law’s Boalt Hall, where she excelled not only in academics, but plunged deeply into human rights activism. During her studies and after graduation, Rayan volunteered her legal expertise and global perspective to the International Refugee Assistance Project.

Before joining MS&A, Rayan was a member of a COVID-19 pandemic response team of Bay Area legal professionals who helped small business owners navigate the roiled waters of their virus-driven world. That’s a heavy lift, but she maintains her social equilibrium playing with her kids. When they’re big enough to realize how uncool it is to be seen with mom, Rayan is keen to volunteer for causes helping the homeless and other marginalized populations integrate more fully into society.

Still, she makes time on weekends to cook marvelous dishes for her friends, including falafel, but when the meal schedule is less forgiving, she settles for Trader Joe’s version. (Don’t we all?) Rayan also has been known to pig out on Nutella, burgers, and fries, but, we trust, not all on the same plate.

Rayan keeps not only her friends close, but also a few select screen acquaintances, including Ugly Betty and Brad Pitt (in “Troy”), and no one doesn’t get that. Although she claims be as bad at sports as she is at chemistry, Rayan likes to swim, particularly the breast stroke, which she calls “frog style,” because otherwise, she said, “it sounds like a medical condition.”

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