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Fulfilling customer requests for a wide range of third-party assurance (TPA) reports and numerous compliance questionnaires can quickly become unwieldy, draining valuable internal resources and inflating external costs. As the number and frequency of these requests escalates, outsource service providers (OSPs) increasingly need a way to enhance their TPA portfolios. While there is no definitive “right” way for OSPs to structure their efforts to comply with their customers’ demands for assurance, there are some guiding principles that are often helpful in streamlining TPA reporting processes.

Outsourcing is no longer a question; it’s a given. With specialized services routinely being delivered through cost-effective centers of excellence, checks and balances are woven into the fabric of most enterprises. We often find themselves serving many industries across multiple geographies, which expands the range of compliance and regulatory requirements. Companies are being exposed to an expanded universe of risks. These risks now include financial, operational, cyber, privacy, and business continuity, along with the overarching potential for reputational damages should an internal processes create failures.

Under increasing compliance pressures, companies are looking for increase efficacy of their controls to higher and higher degrees. MS&A is a perfect solution. Schedule a consultation with a MS&A defense auditing expert today.