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Special Report: Office Of Administrative Law Approves Emergency OSHA Regulations

The OAL has approved the recently submitted new emergency standards (PDF) created by Cal/OSHA. These regulations are extensive, contain many new standards, and require immediate action on the part of California employers. They take effect as of Monday, November 30 and remain in effect for 180 days, unless extended.

Cal/OSHA has posted FAQs and a one-page fact sheet (PDF) on the regulation, as well as a model COVID-19 prevention program (DOC). Employers are invited to participate in training webinars held by Cal/OSHA’s Consultation Services branch.

In a DIR news release yesterday, Cal/OSHA Chief Doug Parker was quoted as saying “These are strong but achievable standards to protect workers. They also clarify what employers have to do to prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19 and stop outbreaks.”

Employers have had little time to prepare for the extensive requirements. Mr. Parker acknowledged this, saying “We understand the need to educate and assist employers as they implement the new provisions of the emergency standards. For employers who need time to fully implement the regulations, enforcement investigators will take their good faith efforts to implement the emergency standards into consideration. However, aspects such as eliminating hazards and implementing testing requirements during an outbreak are essential.

Additional Resources

To help you quickly get up to speed on these new regulations, Sullivan on Comp, together with the Employment Law Section of Michael Sullivan & Associates, have created several resources for you.

First, register to attend either or both of these two webinars:

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Additionally, view a detailed explanation of these regulations in the MS&A online eBook, Navigating COVID-19: A Legal Guide for California Employers.

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