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Special Report: Cal/OSHA's Sudden COVID-19 Regulation

Cal/OSHA has approved emergency COVID-19 prevention regulations. Upon the expected approval of the Office of Administrative Law, they will become effective by November 30. These extensive and complex regulations place significant and immediate new requirements on employers. They mandate training, demand the drafting and implementation of new COVID-19 prevention manuals, and include provisions requiring the payment of wages and employer-paid COVID testing in certain circumstances.

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The webinar will be free to all and presented by Michael Sullivan, the General Managing Partner of Michael Sullivan & Associates and the primary author of Sullivan on Comp, Lisa Aguiar of the Employment Law section of MS&A, and Janey Nethery, the Executive Director of MS&A.

The regulations come on the heals of AB 685 and SB 1159 and are designed to help slow the spread of coronavirus through education and specific and targeted procedures including rigorously investigating and correcting potential COVID hazards.

Specifically, the regulations are set forth in nine areas; each requires employers to take specific actions in order to correctly implement. All employers, regardless of size, must comply except for those already covered by California’s Aerosol and Transmissible Disease standard. Each employer must:

  • Write and implement a COVID-19 Prevention Program and provide training.
  • Identify COVID-19 hazards with the help of employees and then correct them.
  • Investigate COVID-19 cases, notify and provide testing to potentially exposed employees.
  • Require physical distancing, mask wearing, improve ventilation, and maximize outdoor air.
  • Don’t allow employees to return to the worksite until quarantine ends, and pay employees throughout quarantines.
  • Report all outbreaks – 3 or more cases in two weeks – to the public health department, and provide continuous testing to all on site employees. For major outbreaks – 20 or more cases in 30 days, provide twice a week testing.
  • In employer provided housing, beds must be spaced, and daily disinfection is required.
  • In employer provided transportation, workers get screened before boarding, sit apart from each other and wear face coverings.

These regulations mandate immediate employer action.

Join Michael Sullivan & Associates on November 30, when we explain these complex requirements and apply them to the workplace so that your business can quickly come into compliance.

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