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Past Webinar Library:

Part 1: Workers’ Compensation Liability & Employment Law Practices for the Coronavirus

Part 2: The Interactive Process and Reasonable Accommodation

Part 3: COVID-19 Update – The Burning Issues

Part 4: COVID-19 Update – Duty to Provide a Claim Form

Part 5: COVID-19 Update – Liability for Temporary Disability Benefits

Part 6: COVID-19 Update – When is COVID-19

Part 7: COVID-19 Update – Interplay Between COVID-19 and Other Conditions

Part 8: Gov. Newsom’s New Executive Order
re: COVID-19 and What it Means Now

Part 9: COVID-19 Update – Psychiatric Injuries

Part 10: COVID-19 Update – Planning for Return to Work

Part 11: COVID-19 Update – A Conversation with Jake Jacobsmeyer

Part 12: COVID-19 Update – Issues in WC                        Litigation

Part 13: COVID-19 Update – Employers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Part 14: COVID-19 Update – Workers’ Compensation Frequently Asked Questions

Part 15: COVID-19 Update – The Developing Medical Landscape

Part 16: COVID-19 Update – SB 1159 and What It Means Now

Part 17: COVID-19 Update – Implementing the New Presumptions

Part 18: COVID-19 Update – AB 685 Notices and Reporting Requirements For Employers