The attorneys here at Michael Sullivan & Associates all have great experience when they first arrive. However, with our team of senior attorneys, they receive even more training in their desired fields as well. While we can handle a wide variety of legal services, you’ll always get an attorney with the proper expertise to help you get a favorable outcome in your trial. With some of the best lawyers in California, you can rest assured knowing that all of our attorneys are experienced enough to help you.


Here at Michael Sullivan & Associates, we have law offices all over the great state of California. Because of this, we have access to some of the best legal minds around. Before we get started on your case, we’ll sit down with you in order to develop a rapport. This will help us find the right team member for your unique case. Not only will we match you with someone well versed in the specific law service you need, but we’ll also provide you with an attorney that you’ll genuinely get along with.


While lawyers are often shown to be stoic and cold, only caring about winning cases and getting paid, the attorneys at Michael Sullivan & Associates are caring and compassionate. They care about your needs and will help you in every way that they can. Our lawyers don’t just care about winning cases at any cost, they care about the people they represent who are fighting for the justice that they deserve. The attorneys at every branch of Michael Sullivan & Associates will fight for you not simply because you pay them, but rather because they actually care and want to help you as best as they can.

Ability To Communicate

Trials can be extremely confusing as well as incredibly frustrating and intimidating. Sometimes you may not fully understand what’s going on in your case or what you can do to make a case swing in your favor. The attorneys at Michael Sullivan & Associates not only work with you and on your behalf, but they’ll also make sure that you understand everything that’s happening in your case. They can translate complicated legal scripts into something that’s easier to understand, or just keep you up to date on strategies and how your case is going overall.

When you need the best lawyers in California, look no further than Michael Sullivan & Associates. Our team of experienced attorneys have what it takes to help you. We’ll work with you from start to finish to help keep you informed, comfortable, and to help you get the best possible outcome on your case. Contact Michael Sullivan & Associates to set up your free consultation with our top-rated California law firm today.

Legal Services We Offer

Employment Law

With extensive public sector experience and a deep understanding of union matters, the attorneys at Michael Sullivan & Associates can help you with all of your employment law services. We can offer legal services that include day-to-day advice, issue prevention, negotiation, litigation, mediation, labor disputes, and more. When you sign on for personalized law services from MS&A, you’ll get custom legal strategies that are designed specifically for you or your company. Learn more about our employment law services and see how our California attorneys can help you.

Estate Planning

What will happen to your family and loved ones after you pass away? While that question can be incredibly difficult to answer, you can still provide for those closest to you even after you’re gone. With estate planning from Michael Sullivan & Associates, you’ll get everything you need to help those you care for the most move on after you pass away. Our skilled attorneys will help you create the perfect estate plan for you and your family. We’ll help you understand the estate planning process as well as the best estate planning solutions for you. Learn more about our professional estate planning services and see how we can help you.

Workers’ Compensation Law

Accidents can happen no matter how careful you or others are. If you need top-rated workers’ compensation law services in California, then MS&A is the perfect partner for you. Whether you’re an individual or a company, we can provide the best law services around. Here at Michael Sullivan & Associates, we wrote the book on workers’ comp law, and we mean that literally. Sullivan on Comp is our comprehensive treatise on California workers’ compensation law. Learn more about our workers’ compensation law services to see how our knowledgeable lawyers can help you.

Michael Sullivan & Associates can help with all kinds of legal services for both individuals and companies alike. Contact MS&A to learn more about our law services and to schedule your free consultation today.