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How To Handle Employee Retaliation

Unfortunately, not every workplace is always the healthiest. Retaliation is usually one of the highest complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). While this complaint is usually paired with other complaints, such as sexual harassment or discrimination, retaliation is still one of the most noted complaints across all industries. In today’s blog, Michael Sullivan & Associates, the top-rated law firm in California, will help you better understand how you and your company can react to employee retaliation in the workplace. Keep reading to learn more, or contact MS&A to schedule an appointment with our employment law team today.

How To Handle Employee Retaliation

Encourage Speaking Up

In order to run a successful and reputable company, you have to allow your employees to speak up against any wrongdoing that could be occurring. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you should encourage your employees to speak up. No matter what role or how long they’ve been employed at your company, encouraging your employees to speak up when they see something wrong will help strengthen your business overall. Not only will your employees feel well taken care of, but they’ll also be sure to trust upper management when they know that their concerns are taken seriously. Take all complaints seriously and act within the law and you’ll stop employee retaliation complaints from ever happening.

Provide Manager Training

Your managers are the ones who work with a majority of your employees the most. Making sure that your managers are well prepared to do their jobs while also representing your business as well as possible however is your job. Managers who aren’t trained well can overstep their boundaries, causing problems within your company such as discontent and even possibly retaliation complaints. Providing your managers with intensive training will help make sure that your managers understand their roles within the company and will act responsibly and respectfully towards others.

Write It Down

One of the best ways to make sure that people follow your guidelines or rules is to put it in writing where everyone has access to them. Stating that your company prohibits retaliation and discrimination towards everyone is a great way to help prevent retaliation complaints and cases against your company. You can put this information in things like employee handbooks, on a policy board, or add them to other forms of employee handouts. You can even provide additional information to this section, helping employees locate resources and materials that will help them report incidents like retaliation internally. This will help you address and resolve the issue without having to appear in court and gain negative publicity.

When you need help with your retaliation or discrimination case in California, then be sure to come to Michael Sullivan & Associates. Our California Labor lawyers are ready to help you or your business with your case. Learn more about our employment law services, get to know our California law firm, or contact MS&A today to schedule your free consultation with our legal team.