Maximizing recovery and minimizing complexity. Michael Sullivan & Associates' Subrogation practice provides a path to efficient and effective insurance claim resolution.


Ensuring Maximum Recovery of Your Funds

Subrogation plays a pivotal role in the financial health of any workers' compensation program. Our firm is dedicated to upholding the public policy that aims to minimize the cost of compensation insurance. We specialize in enabling insurers and self-insured employers to recover payments made due to third-party actions. Understanding that subrogation is not merely an additional option but a crucial element, we integrate it at the forefront of every workers' compensation strategy.

We provide comprehensive legal services across all aspects of subrogation, including:

  • Workers' Compensation Subrogation: We recognize the complexities and nuances of recovering funds in workers' compensation cases. Our team is adept at identifying potential third-party liability and pursuing appropriate recovery actions.
  • Property Damage Subrogation: We also handle cases involving property damage, ensuring that our clients are adequately compensated for losses due to third-party negligence or fault.

Partner with us to ensure that subrogation is a key component of your workers' compensation program. Our expertise not only helps in recovering costs but also plays a vital role in reducing the overall expense of workers' compensation claims. Let us help you turn subrogation into a powerful tool for your business.


Subrogation Team

Portrait Name Title Office Phone Email
Megan Mavis Megan M. Mavis Associate Attorney All Offices 714-202-3440 Send Email
Anna Monteleone Anna J. Monteleone Managing Partner All Offices 714-202-3440 Send Email
Raquel Mor Raquel Mor Associate Attorney All Offices 714-202-3440 Send Email
Austin Roberts Austin J. Roberts Associate Attorney All Offices 714-202-3440 Send Email