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MS&A is known throughout the industry for its audit defense expertise

Maintaining compliance with workers' compensation audit standards is becoming an increasingly difficult feat for even the most skilled and seasoned employers. There is complex interplay between evolving law and existing law, particularly when it is applied to particular factual scenarios for unique employment relationships. In a world of confusing and sometimes inconsistent audit standards, it can seem impossible to always know what to do. This is a drain on resources, and a risk which can seem unmanagable.

Accordingly, the employer needs a partner that specializes in understanding the law. A proper assessment of compliance with new and existing workers' compensation law really requires the particular skillsets of an attorney specialized in the field of workers' compensation. Our firm is known throughout the industry for our expertise. We are deeply experienced and skilled at practicing law at the highest levels, and with Sullivan On Comp we are the industry's thought leader. The folks at the Audit Unit and OSIP have dealt with us for years, they know us, and they respect us.

Time and again we have been called by the industry's leading administrators and employers, when facing a failed audit. We have examined the situation in depth, formulated legal defenses, talked and negotiated with state representatives, and brought employers back from a failing score. We know where the state errs or judges excessively, and we know how to point out to them where they may have gone wrong. We work with them thoughtfully, and build relationships that will see you safely through the current audit, but also provide a functional vision for the future.

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Michael Sullivan & Associates Practices
Our goal is to develop streamlined and optimized work flows at every level

Through our Audit Defense and Consulting team, MS&A partners on an ongoing basis with insured and self-insured employers, and third party administrators. Our stated goal is the development of streamlined and optimized work flows at every level. We aim to stop the audit before it starts, and along the way create ideal processes.

This is done by developing tailored practices for each entity such that it can effectively handle any fact pattern which may present itself on any given day. This idea is of tantamount importance for companies dealing with varying levels of management and remote field projects where we often find a breakdown in compliance. The law and the state audit department do not parce out where a breakdown takes place. The issue becomes the breakdown itself, and with a state audit occurring at least once every five years, every employer and third party administrator in California frequently becomes subject to potential penalties for its failures.

With us, you will find a partner that is dedicated to understanding the particularities of your industry and more importantly your business, so that we can develop the most tailored plan that compliments and enhances your existing practices, without interruption. We work hard to develop a holistic approach which includes creating forms and procedures that are easily navigable by any level of management.

Inquire to see how MS&A's Audit Defense and Consulting unit can help your team today.

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