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Michael Sullivan & Associates introduces a comprehensive Guide to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis.

From the authors of Sullivan of Comp, Navigating COVID-19: A Legal Guide for California Employers is the leading resource for workers’ compensation, employment law, and general liability. All of your pressing questions are answered in this easy to read text.

From compensability and reasonable accommodations to liability and state compliance, get the information you need to make the decisions that matter. This Guide changes the way businesses manage the impact of COVID-19.

Easy to use, this cutting-edge Guide is accessible from any device. Effortlessly search for keywords and find relevant content. This comprehensive resource is updated frequently to provide the latest news and policy. Have COVID-19 guidance at your fingertips.

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Sullivan on Comp is the definitive treatise on California workers’ compensation law. Used by the entire industry, it has a well-deserved reputation as the most comprehensive legal research platform and educational resource available. The sixteen-chapter set explains the law thoroughly, yet in a straightforward style. It is available in both print and online versions.

In addition to the full text of the treatise, the electronic edition also adds a complete suite of benefits calculators, 70+ hours of on-demand webinars (qualified for MCLE and CE credit) and is updated monthly to reflect the latest changes to the law. It is accessible via web browser and mobile app.

Sullivan on Comp has over 6,000 subscribers and is used by workers’ compensation judges, defense and applicant firms, insurance companies, TPAs, and public entities throughout California.

Content from Sullivan on Comp is used in the training manuals for the WCCA and WCCP certifications offered by The Institutes and taught by IEA instructors. Sullivan on Comp is also licensed for publication by CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar) and Westlaw.

Sullivan on Comp is published by Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP and hosted at

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MS&A Literature | Quick Guide: Time Limits in Work Comp

Workers’ compensation practitioners are subject to a multitude of time limits. Complying with the various time limits is necessary to preserve certain rights and defenses. For defendants, complying with the time limits will also protect them from penalties and sanctions. The following Quick Reference Guide provides a list of time limits that all practitioners must be familiar with.

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MS&A Literature | PD Chart

Permanent disability benefits are available to workers who are irreversibly injured by a workplace injury. Pursuant to Labor Code § 4658, an employee who is permanently partially disabled will receive payments for a specified number of weeks at the employee’s permanent partial disability compensation rate. The following chart calculates the total payout to workers who are entitled to permanent disability at the maximum rate.

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Summary of California Workers’ Compensation Benefits

California workers’ compensation law outlines precisely what benefits injured workers and their dependents receive. The complexity of this body of law can be daunting, especially when first encountered. The Summary of California Workers’ Compensation Benefits is an overview for people new to the system.

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