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Workers’ Compensation

The top-rated workers’ compensation lawyers in California

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The Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys In California

Here at Michael Sullivan & Associates, our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys can provide high-quality counsel and defense for your case. With tailored legal services designed specifically for your case, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers will work diligently to help you win your case. And because we have law offices all over California, we can help you from San Diego to Sacramento. Learn more about our workers’ compensation services, or contact Michael Sullivan & Associates to get started today.


Michael Sullivan & Associates (MS&A) offers premier workers’ compensation defense services. Have trusted legal defense to protect your company. MS&A will help you navigate fraudulent claims or claims for which you are not liable, but where an employee appealed to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board after having a denied claim. Whether you are an uninsured and self-insured employer, benefit from MS&A’s comprehensive services. From risk management to claims defense, MS&A provides unmatched guidance to help you through the process.

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Our Workers' Compensation Services Include:

As a premier resource on the ins and outs of workers’ compensation law, our California law firm takes this area of service seriously and treats each case with a personalized approach and utmost care. We hand-pick each of our workers’ compensation attorneys and match them with the needs of your case. Our meticulously curated methodology for accountability and growth puts us far ahead of other firms in providing top-notch services for your workers’ compensation needs, which saves your business time and money.

  • General Liability Law
  • Risk Management
  • Premier Defense
  • Subrogation
  • And more!
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One of our law firm’s crowning achievements was the development of Sullivan on Comp. Sullivan on Comp is the definitive treatise on California workers’ compensation law. Used by the entire industry, our treatise has a well-deserved reputation as the most comprehensive legal research platform and educational resource available. The sixteen-chapter set explains workers’ compensation law thoroughly, yet in a straightforward style. It is available in both print and online versions.

In addition to the full text of the treatise, the electronic edition also adds a complete suite of benefits calculators, 70+ hours of on-demand webinars (qualified for MCLE and CE credit) and is updated monthly to reflect the latest changes to state and federal law. It is accessible via web browser and mobile app.

With over 6,000 subscribers to the available app, content from Sullivan on Comp is used in the training manuals for the WCCA and WCCP certifications offered by The Institutes and taught by IEA instructors. Sullivan on Comp is also licensed for publication by CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar) and Westlaw.

Sullivan on Comp is published by Michael Sullivan & Associates LLP.

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As part of our law firm’s self-accountability philosophy, Michael Sullivan also developed an annual internal file review process known as, “June Review.” During one week in June, the managing partners of our offices gather together to review a statistically valid sampling of the work performed by our associate attorneys. This review provides a measure, one as objective as possible, of attorney performance. The process allows us to know where our attorneys stand and helps inform us for practice improvement. During the review, thoughtful feedback is noted on each file, and a general commentary is then added. We review our associates work in the following areas:


Strategic Vision


Legal Acumen

Quality of Communication


The managing partners then go back to the lawyers with the results. These are reviewed together, and they develop plans to address areas of opportunity. We believe this demonstrates Michael Sullivan & Associates’ commitment to quality work and top-caliber representation.

If you’re looking for the best workers’ compensation attorneys in California, then look no further than Michale Sullivan & Associates. Contact us to get help on your case today.

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MS&A Lien Unit

Dedicated to Resolving Liens

In alignment with its philosophy of quickly and effectively resolving cases, Michael Sullivan & Associates established a Lien Unit in early 2007. Typically, after a case-in-chief is resolved, the handling attorney transfers the file to the Lien Unit to shut down any outstanding liens. Whether negotiating by telephone, attending hearings or conducting lien trials, the members of the Lien Unit move quickly to resolve liens within the settlement guidelines specified by each client.

This targeted approach has proven to be very effective and popular with clients, and has produced a high volume of lien-only referrals as well as client on-site settlement projects.

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Hearing Representative

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Michael Sullivan & Associates believes in giving back to the communities it serves, by making donations to worthy organizations such as Save The Rhino, Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Kids' Chance and Olive Crest.

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